About Us

Marilyn StaffordThank you for visiting Alliance Virtual Services!

I’m happy that you’re here and even happier that you’re interested in learning more about exceptional client care and how it can change your business.

Alliance Virtual Services (AVS) is a virtual firm that partners with coaches, trainers, consultants and other entrepreneurs to turn clients into long-term raving fans! We are passionate about client care and we offer a level of care for your clients that elevates and separates your thriving business from your competition.

From systems to management to personal client care, AVS operates on the philosophy that:

Clients come to you if you offer quality services/products. They stay with you if you provide great client care. They refer you to friends and colleagues when you commit to both, at an exceptional level.

The single most crucial aspect of your ongoing success is how well you manage and care for your clients. Whether you are a coach, trainer, business consultant or other small business, we establish systems to successfully track and manage your clients, and provide a client care program that offers that one-on-one, personal care can separate you from your competitors and elevate you above the rest.

AVS is proud to be an active member of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), which is the leading organization for virtual assistants.

If you’re ready to learn more about our company and how we can help develop your customized client care program, care for your clients, and grow your business, contact me today and let’s schedule a time to visit!

Enjoy your day!

Marilyn Stafford
President and
Virtual Client Care Specialist

Our Mission Statement

To implement and manage customized client care programs for our clients that will help turn new, existing or occasional clients into loyal, long-term fans through the level of service, respect and personal care delivered to them.